From waste
to wasted

Drink responsibly, save our oceans.

With Fitzroy Premium Navy Rum we stay the course towards a cleaner ocean, by
changing one of our favourite ways of consuming: drinking.

Turning waste from our North Sea into liquor packaging, we have created the first sustainable rum label. Giving you the opportunity to drink and clean up the ocean at the same time.

Let’s hope you’re thirsty.

A message in a bottle

Drinking and cleaning up the North Sea are the same

Sustainable marble

By melting, blending and pressing waste from the North sea, we produced bottle caps. Using Coca-Cola wrappers as our main ingredient

Please open carefully

Open our wrapper with care and you will get a piece of art in return. This custom made craftwork combines the bravery and willingness of the past with the environmental challenges of the future.

Robert FitzRoy

Fitzroy Premium Navy Rum is named after Robert FitzRoy, also known as the captain who steered Charles Darwin on his journeys of discovery.

Recycled flask

Designed for you to reuse

Unique Design

Each bottle cap is an unique blend of waste from our North Sea and can’t be reproduced.

Recycled Flasks

Our flasks are also made from recycled glass from the same watery expanse. Making Fitzroy Premium Navy Rum the first sustainable liquor packaging.

Navy Style Blend

Presenting you flavours from Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad in the so called ‘Navy Style’. Dark, heavy and originated from only anglophone Caribbean islands.

Reuse this bottle

We recommend refilling this bottle with water as the next chapter in the waste to wasted story is most likely titled: the hangover.

the north sea
is drowning

Options feel limited for many of us when it comes to solving problems as big as oceanic pollution. With more than 100 million tons of plastic soup and the broken homes of many marine animals, our ability to help seems diminished. And the worse part is, that the dramatic increase of plastic pollution is simply a side effect of our way of living and consuming.

So instead of coming up with another fix, project or charity with campaigns designed to motivate people. We looked at one our favourite past times. And turned a problem into a solution, by changing the way we consume alcohol. Giving the term ‘get wasted’ an entirely new meaning.

With Fitzroy Premium Navy Rum we stay the course towards a cleaner world. So drinking to forget the problems we cause, will actually help solve them.


January 2017, Dutch beaches were polluted by a container of red Coca-Cola wrappers. We used this waste as our main ingredient for our bottle caps, creating a sustainable version of rum-coke.

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